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Even if you are a professional bodybuilder or just want to look good, you understand the importance of a natural shaped, good looking body. What few people in this industry know is that the mind has to be focused during workouts and that no other athlete out there could make it without a little help!

Have you ever wondered how the guy next to you has managed to look like a pro by using the exact same time as you with the exact same workout strategy? Well…then read more, this might change your life and looks, fast!

before-afterAs you know, in recent years many breakthrough discoveries have renew the way nutritionists and athletes organize their time, supplement intake and workout programs. As there are many key ingredients each athlete should use before, during and after the fitness program, there are two main chemical compounds that are the by far the most important for your body and mind to react fast in the gym classes and outside them: Testosterone & L-Arginine.

Testosterone is the most important hormone in a man’s body because it plays a role on each and every aspect. Testosterone helps your body to build various proteins that impact most of the body functions!

Produced in the testes and adrenal glands, testosterone starts dropping from the age of 29 with 10% every decade. What is important to understand is that your state of mind, sexual desire, your muscle development and fatigue are all connected and controlled by testosterone hormone.

After the age of 29 the SHBG ( Sex Binding Hormone Globulin) is increasing and starts to trap the testosterone in the body, inhibiting it to exert the effects in the body’s functions and tissues. That is also called the Andropause symptom. What this means? It simply means that your body will no longer recover qt the sqme speed, that your sex drive will be lower and that your muscles will not develop like they used to.

But wait a minute, I saw people over 40 looking better than me and have most ripped bodies I’ve ever seen!

Exactly!… Testosterone levels may be dropping, but no one said it can’t be put back up!

You guess it: Testo XL is the 100% natural solution to regulate those testosterone levels and help your body getting in shape by helping your muscles repair and grow after workout.


Why is Testo XL recommended and used by hundreds of thousands each day?

Testo Xl MuscleBecause we are in this industry for 20 years and we work with only organic sources in our products! That is our no.1 rule: Each bottle of TestoXL contains the all favorite formula of herbal blends that will boost your testosterone levels. Our lab experts verify three times the herbal sources in order to respect the 100% organic ingredients rule!

We’ve put all our focus and minds to create the most powerful supplement for you and us ( because we use it every day as well).
The ingredients of Testo XL are:

  • Tribulus Terrestris – Studies have showed that the plant Tribulus Terrestris can increase the testosterone level by 300% with the right dosage. This herb stimulates the Luteinizing hormone which stimulates your body to produce more testosterone in the testes.
  • Rhodiola Extract – It is known that Rhodiola improves sexual health and testosterone levels and it is directly linked with brain functions equilibrium and increased energy level. The Rhodiola plant was used in Eastern Europe by mountain people to help them adapt in the harsh, cold environments.
  • Damiana Extract – This plant is well known to nutritionists because it was used by Aztec’s and Mayan’s for overall health and sexual problems. Damiana tea was used as an aphrodisiac for men and women.
  • Fenugreek Extract – The 2010 study surprised the bodybuilders world when it was reported that men who took Fenugreek extract for 8 weeks had increased their leg-press and bench-press twice as much as those taking placebo. The fenugreek extract contains high levels of the natural chemical called furostanolic saponins responsible for testosterone levels.
  • B Vitamin Complex – By far the most important vitamin complex for our bodies, helps regulate the testosterone levels and androgen production. The B vitamin complex group is responsible for many functions like growth, energy and recovery.

TestoXL & Power Pump XL are produced in a CGMP certified lab in USA!

We recommend trying the entire formula TestoXL & Power Pump XL for fast results! The body fat will not stand a chance, trust us, we are using the formula every day!

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power pump xlWhat is Power Pump XL ? Ever heard of L-Arginine?

Power Pump XL is used every day by hundreds of thousands of people and it is their first choice for L-Arginine supplement.

L-Arginine is considered the ‘Magic Bullet’ for the cardiovascular system. L-Arginine helps your body release the growth hormone that tells the muscles how much to grow after a training. It also relaxes arteries allowing your nutrients to feed the muscles as they should do. Therefore you will get a faster recovery and efficient muscle growth.

This is how you build muscles quick and natural!

Power Pump XL is responsible for :

  • Strength and explosive power
  • Natural pain relief for fast recovery
  • Focus and concentration
  • Boosts endurance

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Now you know their secret! Get in shape faster than ever with Testo XL & Power Pump XL formula TODAY!

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